About Us

In order to create value added in software exportation and produce software in global standard and have a support network and create success story with being aware of manpower requirement in software industry and having young population in our country; well organized Ecore was established in 2005.


Ecore Information Systems’ main activity field is developing Sectoral Software. Company executives in Ecore Information Systems know difficulties of producing sectoral software, competitive requirements and also experience success and ill-success so they have professional experience in this field 10 to 25 years.


Ecore Information Systems family is created with 18 people. Our executives have worked in all processes to develop software products so they are well experienced in subjects which require empathy. They share their experiences with employee in software and execute important factors such as motivating, disciplining and being aware of product, synchronization of team and determining who have creative thought and provide value added to product.

Quality and customer satisfaction is always very important for Ecore.In this way success and determination are the main aims of Ecore.


To know product’s usage sector and requirements of companies is more important than producing of product which is different from others in software industry and represents speed and efficiency to users so with this thought Ecore developed its first product L Pack for sector which they have best knowledge and experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is creating “Software Campus” which believes quality and customer satisfaction is preferential process, follows, learns and applies new technologies, provides high speed and continuous efficiency to applications and shares experience and knowledge with hundreds software employees to serve in different sectors.

Our Vision

Our vision is transferring 25 years sectoral experience in financial field to software process and integrating products with special software requirements such as sector needs of technologic developments with high speed and usability to satisfy our customers’ execution of working process.