Pack, is an Enterprise Resource and Risk Management Pack, consisting of approximately 18 integrated modules and developed to report and manage all of the processes of Factoring companies.



Access to all customer information and background on company cards. Update the cards instantly and follow up your customers.

Risk Management

F-Pack minimizes operational risk on the system by predefined control mechanisms.

Advanced Reporting Infrastructure

Receive reports requiring compliance with BDDK, MASAK,  EVAS with our advanced reporting infrastructure. Furthermore, our reporting infrastructure enables you to customize and create MIS reports to your operation.

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MFKS Integration

Get over your operational risks and manual registration through the MFKS integration.

Workflow Management

Manage your processes fast and easy with our modular structure. Monitor and report every process and analyze your systems’ shortages.

E-Ledger Integration

We keep your accounting records in compliance with the E-Ledger format and share them with your integrators.

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